Goals and objectives:

This is the ninth edition workshop of the Mexican Bioimaging Workshops, focused on the fundamentals of Optical Microscopy and its application in the field of Health. Throughout the development of microscopy, the primary objective has been to improve the contrast between the structures of interest in a sample and its background. In this edition of the Mexican Bioimaging Workshops, we will explore the essential concepts that enable this contrast and are fundamental to optical microscopy. We will analyze in detail the properties of light and the characteristics of optical elements that enhance the images of objects not visible to the naked eye, as well as the equipment that allows capturing these images. We will pay special attention to brightfield techniques, common in most modern microscopes, and delve into fluorescence, a crucial phenomenon that has revolutionized research in recent years. We will also explore the principles of histology, essential in sample preparation in the clinical setting. To conclude this introductory workshop, we will provide an overview of the tools available for image analysis and discuss critical aspects in the preparation of grant applications that include microscopy as a research technique.

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