The microscopy basis represents the theoretical bases for the correct use of this powerful tool, which supports research projects ranging from physics, life sciences, chemistry to materials. Through microscopy it is possible to get images as evidence of experiments. This is why students, technicians and researchers that use microscopes need to understand the basic physics of microscopy, for conducting towards more advanced and sophisticated microscopy techniques such as confocal microscopy, electronic microscopy, super resolution and laser microdissection.

The main objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the theoretical bases of microscopy to undergraduate and graduate students, technicians and researchers with minimum experience in microscopy. Through this workshop we aim to promote the use of optical, electronic and tunneling microscopy in the center region of Mexico. At the Institute of Ecology and Cell Physiology Institute, we have microscopy facilities that will be available during the course to students and researchers. The general goal is to consolidate the Bioimaging community in México as well as in the center region, in the framework of the Latin-Bioimaging initiatives and the CZI project “Expanding Global Access to Bioimaging”.

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